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Giuliano Perin
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Giuliano Perin (Padua, 1956) is considered one of the most esteemed Italian vibraphonists (Top Ten Jazzit Award) and boasts collaborations with national and American musicians, has recorded records as a soloist, has played in orchestras as a pianist and vibraphonist, participating in numerous festivals and exhibitions in Italy and Europe.

His biography is contained in Flavio Caprera’s Dictionary of Italian Jazz (Feltrinelli).

After classical studies, he approached Jazz by attending courses and seminars with Ran Blake, Franco D’Andrea, Stefano Battaglia and Barry Harris. He attended courses at the Manhattan School under the guidance of Harold Danko and Gary Dial and at the New School New York with Dave Samuels. Winner of jazz competitions, he began his concert activity at a very young age both as a performer and as a composer.

He founded the electric jazz group “Electrik Workshop” with which he held concerts from ’89 to ’93 in clubs and theaters, winning the competition announced by “il Gazzettino” and recording a CD entitled “Right up”. At the same time he plays with the best Italian musicians (Basso, Longhi, Geremia, Pozza, Moroni, Tonolo, Gibellini, Cazzola, Bosso, Bearzatti, Giammarco, Tamburini) and many foreigners (Claudio Roditi, Roy Algrove, Paul Jeffrey, Tom Kirkpatrik, Ferenc Snetberger, Dave Samuels, Neil Leonard).

Since 1998 he has directed numerous groups, from the trio to the sextet, with which he also deals with teaching for the diffusion of jazz in schools and for Agimus. He also plays in the T. Monk Big Band directed by Marcello Tonolo with whom he has recorded two CDs (Caligula). He recently founded, as president, the Royal Big Band, with which he holds prestigious concerts alternating on piano and vibraphone and has recorded two CDs (Velut Luna) with Gianni Basso, Fabrizio Bosso, Carlo Atti and Luciano Milanese. He also collaborates with the singer Leandro Barsotti, in the CD “Il Jazz nel burrone” with which he holds numerous concerts, and RAI broadcasts.

His latest CDs “Into The Vibes”, “Flexibility”, “Passion & Reason”, “Coming Back”, “Pezzi di Luna”, “My Favourite Colours”, “Some Other Spring”, obtained the maximum score in specialized magazines (Jazzit, Jazz Magazine…).

He also deals with poetry and theatre, alongside poets and actors with musical comments. He is the artistic director of cultural events ranging from painting, literature, theater and dance. He has been a guest on many radio and television programs. He has recently received important recognition at European level having been invited to represent Italy in prestigious events organized by the Italian Cultural Institute in London and Strasbourg.

He presented his latest project at the Almaty International Jazz Festival in Kazakhstan at the invitation of the Honorary Consul. To his musical knowledge, the artist combines a great charisma that also involves those who are approaching jazz for the first time.
The doyen of critics Franco Fayenz wrote about him: “Rarely, even at an international level, have I appreciated a vibraphone touch and phrasing like his”, and again Adriano Mazzoletti, Rai presenter, says: “Here is finally a vibraphonist whose equals I don’t see even outside our homeland borders.”



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